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Coach Hire Portsmouth

Coach Hire Portsmouth prides itself in being able to offer its clients an unmatchable traveling experience. From the design to the construction, a lot of care is given to what the end user's specific needs will be and this ensures that every trip taken on our vehicles is worth remembering. We put a lot of emphasis on style when we choose the designs from our coaches because we believe our clients would like to take a ride on a vehicle they're happy to be seen alighting from. Our emphasis on style is not just limited to the exterior of the vehicle. The interior of our cars share the same good taste and comes with leather upholstery and other trimmings. Thanks to our modern entertainment systems we are able to create an atmosphere of complete relaxation or even something more upbeat if our clients prefer that. To enjoy our coach hire experience, be sure to make an early booking.

Quality Customer Service

As our client, we treat you to an excellent customer experience by ensuring that you have somebody to assist you when you need help. When you hire one of our coaches, we know that despite our best efforts there's still a chance that something could go wrong during your trip. When something comes up, you will have our customer support people ready to assist you as quickly as possible. Our customer support service is available 24 hours every day and you can reach them on phone, by email or through our website. With this level of customer support we try to ensure that we are there for our clients when you need us the most. You can also contact our customer support services if you need to make an enquiry about our services. For example, if you need to know whether you can take a trip to a location outside of Portsmouth, we'll have someone to advise you.

Luggage Space to Spare

Having enough space to store you luggage is important and never more than when you're travelling as a group. Coach Hire Portsmouth has vehicles with specially designed bodies and interiors to ensure that there is enough space for your group's luggage and then some. If you're thinking that you might have to leave a few things behind when taking a trip, talk to us first and we'll let you know just how much space we have. You may be surprised by just how much you'll be able to bring with you when using our coach hire service. In fact, most customers like to use our coach hire service because they know they'll be able to bring all their luggage.

Safety is always Paramount

We only believe in transporting clients safely here at Coach Hire Portsmouth and safety is a key concern in the design, construction and fitting of our coaches for our coach hire service. If you've had to contend with companies that had coaches that you weren't too sure would make it to the end of the trip then we're here to offer you a different sort of experience. Our coaches undergo many safety tests to ensure they are in good condition. They are also fitted with many safety features including tracking devices so we always know where to find you.

Our drivers are experienced and highly trained professionals and they always know that the client's safety comes first. These drivers have a good understanding of the vehicles they drive and also the roads in and around Portsmouth. This makes it easy for them and our clients to plan a good route for their trip. To avoid disappointment, be sure to book a coach from Coach Hire Portsmouth at least 24 hours before your trip.

Minibus Hire

Travelling through a city like Portsmouth in a group is always a lot of fun and it gets better if you're travelling in a vehicle that comes with an experience that makes you feel special. This is what our Portsmouth Minibus Hire service is all about. We have minibuses that have been special designed, constructed and fitted to give the passengers and exquisite taste of what it means to travel in style. Because we serve a diverse array of clients, our minibuses come in many styles and specifications and whether your groups is large or small, we'll have something that is just right for you in our fleet here are at Coach Hire Portsmouth. Our vehicles come with features such as air conditioning and lots of luggage space by default. This means that no matter what price point you can afford, it's always worth the expense.

We have clients that range from church groups and football teams to corporate staff and individual families. We believe that regardless of which group you're in you should be able to get a minibus in Portsmouth that can give you the experience you deserve whether you're going on a holiday trip or a business seminar. You can adjust the temperature by yourself in our vehicles and they also come with entertainment systems so there never has to be a boring moment during your trip.

Storage For Luggage

Have you ever had to leave behind a piece of luggage because there just wasn't enough room for it on the vehicle? Portsmouth coach hire minibuses come with lots of room for your luggage so you never have to debate which suitcase you'll have to leave behind. Our minibuses are a good choice for people who want to be picked up from the airport as well. Not only are the vehicles stylish and comfortable but you can also be sure that the vehicle will be waiting for you when you land.

The city of Portsmouth has many interesting places that you may want to visit if you're new to the city. We offer tours of the city of Portsmouth and many people are usually keen to be a part of these tours. Portsmouth City hosts, among others, the Portsmouth Cathedral, Spinnaker Tower and the Portsmouth Guildhall. All these are sites that you have to see while in Portsmouth. This is also one of the most famous port cities in the world. A sizeable portion of the Royal Navy's fleet can be found here and even a few historic ships such as the HMS Victory. In addition to all the sites, the nightlife in this city is also perfect for those who like to party. With our minibus hire, you'll get to see and experience all these things.

Well Equipped Vehicles

Coach Hire Portsmouth offers minibus hire services that are in a different class. Here we don't just rely on the features of our vehicles to impress our clients. Our staff is also specially recruited and trained to ensure that they are able to give our clients a VIP treatment while they are in our care. Our minibus services are a good transportation solution if you're going to games, trade shows, weddings, corporate events and much more. You can also be sure that with our drivers you'll have an expert who know where you need to go and how best to get you there. You can also arrange for a pickup service so we can pick you from your hotel, the airport or even your home in Portsmouth and get you to where you need to go. Get in touch with us today and we'll give you a new kind of minibus hire experience.

Our Portsmouth Services

The hallmarks of travelling like a VIP are safety, style and comfort and this is what you're sure to get when you come looking for minibus and coach hire services from Coach Hire Portsmouth. We are one of the most popular provider of these services in Portsmouth and the areas surround the city. Our vehicle hire services are tailored to meet the unique needs of people who are looking to travel together in one or more groups. When you think about a vehicle hire service for a group, you have to think about the size of the group and cost. When you come to us, these are simple issues to deal with thanks to the wide range of coaches, mini coaches and minibuses that we have in our fleet and the pocket friendly packages that we have here for you.

Over the years we have specialized in variety and options are the one thing that we always have in plenty. For starters, our vehicles come from a variety of high quality manufacturers in the industry including Nissan, Renault and Mercedes. No matter who we get our vehicle from, you can always be sure that it has passed the same high quality standards as any other vehicle in our fleet. We don't just source good vehicles, we also do a lot to keep them in good condition. This is the job of our experienced maintenance team.

We believe that our employees are as big a part of the customer experience as the vehicle themselves. This is the reason why we have guidelines that help us to find only the best people for the job. In our employees, we always look for qualifications, experience and professionalism. With this winning combination we end up with employees who know the job and also know how to interact with our clients. Our drivers are subjected to the same level of screening which is why you can be sure our drivers always know the best way to get to your destination and they also know just what to do in case of an emergency.

Apart from Portsmouth, you can also find our services available in several other cities in the region. You can find out more about our services and where we operate by giving us a call or sending us an email. We always have a customer service expert waiting at any time during the day or night so you always have someone there to attend to your needs. They can give you a complete list of the areas where you can use our services.

Meet the Fleet

At Coach Hire Portsmouth, we have set standards for safety, reliability and service while also providing these services at a price that won't make you cry. We attend to customers with different backgrounds and different plans and we always find ways of meeting their needs. We are able to do this thanks to the versatility of our fleet. Here are some of the Vehicles we have in our minibus fleet:

6-seater Minibus:

This is one of the smaller vehicles in our fleet and has proven to be the ideal choice for small families and couples who have a lot of luggage with them. Even a small group of friends will still find the space inside adequate for their needs.

7-seater Minibus:

This option isn't that much bigger than the previous one which is why there is little in terms of price difference. However, for a group with that little bit of extra luggage, the extra space will be just what they need.

8-seater minibus:

This vehicle with that extra bit of space for the extra passenger or extra luggage is quite popular too. If your group is struggling to fit in either of the first two options, this vehicle is a good step up. You'll be getting a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle that comes with space for the extra luggage or extra passenger.

12-seater minibus:

As your group gets bigger, you have to think about what you'll do about it in terms of vehicle size. Our 12-seater minibus makes it easy for you to get extra space for the extra people without getting a vehicle that is running around with too much unoccupied space.

14-seater minibus:

A group of fourteen is quite common for a team of employees or a group of friend heading to a party at a location that is some ways off the beaten path. When you're going for longer trips, you'll need the comfort you get with this minibus such as the adjustable seat, leather upholstery etc.

16-seater minibus:

This minibus is usually a great choice around the holidays or when a family is having a large event that calls for everyone to be present.

23-seat minibus:

This is one of the larger minibuses. If you have a group larger than this you'll have to consider stepping up to our coaches. Despite the large size of this minibus it's still quite stylish and you can be sure that space is never an issue.

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