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14 16 Seat Minibus Hire Portsmouth

14 Seater Minibus Hire Portsmouth And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

Travelling in a group only gets more complicated as the group increases in size which is why Coach Hire Portsmouth has options to keep things simple. Our 14 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 16 seat minibus hire vehicles are the next size up and with the increased size comes extra space that ensures that even as your group grows larger you're still able to maintain a certain level of comfort. Compared to what it would be if everybody was making their own transport arrangements, our solution provides a cost effective way of getting your group where it needs to go.

Big on Comfort and Safety

Comfortable seating and interaction in our minibuses is important to us which is why we provide a lot of features that help in achieving this. To ease the movement of passengers and permit even tall people to sit comfortably, there is lots of space available inside the vehicles. There is also plenty of space for luggage. Despite the sleek look of the minibuses, they come with a very strong chassis, strong enough to carry the weight of the passengers and their luggage. Powerful engines make it easy for the vehicles to move through the various terrains in the city of Portsmouth.

Inside our minibuses we try to put up an ample display of class and style. The minibus windows are translucent to create a more private yet well-lit environment while much of the upholstery is made of leather. If you're not in the mood for sunlight or just want more privacy, you can also make use of the curtains on the windows. Special lighting can also be installed in the minibus if you require such.

Our minibuses are built with lots of ground clearance and stability which means that even when taking the vehicle off the beaten path, you are still assured of a relatively smooth ride. Just as it is with other options, our 14 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 16 seat minibus hire come with the option of being self-driven or with a driver. We have enough drivers under our employment and they are greatly experienced with regard to ferrying passengers within and around cities like Portsmouth. Thanks to our strict process for hiring and the extra training that we provide our drivers, our drivers are well versed in how to move passengers around while ensuring that they are always comfortable.

Technological Upgrades

Most of our customers expect to be kept entertained while riding on our buses and we are usually happy to oblige them. This is why our vehicles come with modern entertainment systems so you can have a fun time when you choose our 14 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 16 seat minibus hire service. If your trip is in winter or one of the crazy hot summers, you can be sure that you'll still be comfortable in our buses thanks to the sensitive temperature control systems. The stylish interior round off what is sure to be a unique VIP experiences.

For the purpose of information gathering and customer security, our vehicles are fitted with state of the art tracking technology. This helps us to keep an eye on the passengers even from a far. In case of any problem, we'll be able to easily locate you. To book your minibus today or if you have an enquiry, you can call our customer support lines which are always open, day or night.