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10 and 12 Seat Portsmouth Minibus Hire

If you're coming as a group from the airport, the last thing you want to do is struggle to find a taxi for every person. Not only is this very inconvenient but ultimately it can be quite expensive. It's in this sort of situation that our 10 Seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 12 Seat Minibus Hire service really proves its value to customers. From families to corporate teams, there are many groups who have enjoyed our minibus hire services and haven't gone back to using taxis again in such situations.

The Design of our Fleet

For our 10 and 12-seater minibuses, we know that we need a base that is strong enough to support the weight of our customers and their luggage which is why the chassis of the minibuses is the same as that used in light trucks. Even the driver section is specially designed to help create more room inside the minibuses such that two people can ride next to the driver. The forward part i.e. the grille features a design similar to what you'd find in school buses with the rest of the minibus keeping the normal van shape.

For the body we work with designs that allow us to create more space for both passengers and luggage and this is exactly what we've achieved. For the driver, we create a space that makes it easier for them to keep their eyes on the road. This means that the driver will not be distracted by other things happening inside the bus. We believe that this is important in helping to keep our passengers safe during the trip.

Improvements inside the Vehicles

Upgrades are all about improving the experience of our customers above what they'd find if they went to any other company. So far we have achieved a lot with regard to this. In our 10 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 12 seat minibus hire vehicles, features such as air conditioning are standard and they help to keep the vehicles comfortable. This is important when you're traveling during hot summers or in winter.

Just in case anything happens, our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art tracking devices so we'll always know how to locate you. This helps us to track your routes, know what locations you're visiting and also advise you in case there's a faster route to the destination. It also helps us advise you or other groups on the best routes on future occasions.

Our minibuses are also equipped to comply with all safety laws and even then we try to go the extra mile to keep our clients safer while using our vehicles. From airbags to high quality seatbelts, we do what we can to help limit the damage in case there's an accident. Our vehicles also come with an insurance cover that is quite comprehensive. When you lose anything while in our care, you can rest easy because we've got you covered.

Because the 12-minibus has a little more space, it's a good choice for a slightly larger group or even just a group with more than the usual amount of luggage. We're talking about families going on a holiday trip or business persons who are always keen to bring those things that they need to make their time in Portsmouth more comfortable. To book our 10 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 12 seat minibus hire service give us a call today.