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17 18 Seat Minibus Hire in Portsmouth With Driver

There's nothing quite like turning up at a social event like a wedding in style and when you're in a group, a stylish 17 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 18 seat minibus hire service may just do the trick. We put a lot of thought into the creation of our vehicles which is why the end results is always the sort of vehicle you'll be proud to step out of. With an early booking, you can have even more features in your preferred minibus so you can really turn up in a big way.

Our passenger experience has improved quite a bit over the years as we've put more effort in designing interiors that create the right mood for the passengers. We work hand in hand with top vehicle manufacturers including Nissan and Hino so our 17 and 18-seater minibuses are well suited to provide that idyllic atmosphere that customers want. Top-of-the-line suspension systems ensure that the ride is always smooth regardless of the terrain. You may even fail to notice as the minibus glides over bumps on the road.

Decorated interiors and other features

Featuring high quality leather and clothing upholstery, the inside of our minibuses provide an environment that is perfectly suited for relaxation and the excellent designs used are a major plus as well. Because style is always in and out of season, we are not shy about changing things up after sometime just so our returning customers get to experience something new when they come back to enjoy our 17 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 18 seat minibus hire. Adjustable seats allow you to stretch out and even enjoy a nap during those long rides and you can even do so under the backdrop of your favourite kind of music.

You can find wireless internet systems in our minibuses so if you have an internet enabled devices you can catch up with what's happening around the world while also keeping your friends updated on your experience during the trip. In case you're headed to a presentation and need some last minute info from the office, this should come in handy as well. The minibuses are also air-conditioned so whether your trip is in summer or winter, you won't have to worry about the weather. Call us today to hear more about the available features.

Additional Upgrades

Research is important when you're trying to figure out how to improve customers' experiences on board a moving vehicle and we've done plenty of that. This is why our 17 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 18 seat minibus hire service always has just what you need to make your trip a little more special. For example, we know that having the engines at the front helps to keep the ride smooth even on rough terrain and you can never go wrong with extra luggage space.

An easy driving experienced is important for our clients especially in our self-driven vehicle fleet which is why our vehicles must have power steering. In case a client wants to use our driver instead, they can be confident that they have a competent and experienced person at the helm. We have hire requirements when hiring drivers which is why we end up with some of the best out there.

To enjoy these and many other features of our minibus hire services, get in touch with us today.