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8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Portsmouth

8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Portsmouth

Your Portsmouth trip experience can only get better with our 8 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 10 seat minibus hire experience. We keep our minibuses in great shape and they have been designed to offer you the best in terms of luxury. This is why it's easy to get comfortable when you're riding with us. Features you can find inside include video screens, adjustable seats, drink coolers and many more. We also have special features for handicapped individuals, children and infants including baby seats and features for wheel chair accessibility.

Our 10 seat minibus is a nice choice if you have a relatively small group but wouldn't mind a little more space for your luggage or another person. Of course, there's also lots of class and comfort when travelling in our minibuses. Space is important especially if you're taller than the regular person so our spacious interiors will be a major plus. In case you have special requests or features that you need to be added to your minibus then all you have to do is let us know early enough. With our 8 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 10 seat minibus hire services, the journey is always part of the experience.

Coach Hire Portsmouth wouldn't go to all this trouble with the minibuses only to leave you in the hands of a less than capable driver. Our drivers check all the right boxes when it comes to experience and qualifications with some having driven professionally for more than 20 years before working with us. They are very familiar with the city of Portsmouth and can take you to destinations you didn't even know existed. The drivers are also trained professionals so they always know just how to treat our clients. You can talk to them if there's any issue or ask them to share some of their knowledge about the city of Portsmouth.

There are many destinations and events in the city of Portsmouth that you may want to visit with our 8 seater minibus hire Portsmouth and 10 seat minibus hire services. The versatility of the services we offer means that you can always come to us whenever you have a group related trip that you're planning. We've had lots of experience with lots of different types of customers so we know what we need to do to meet your expectations. This is why we also partner with related businesses so we can be of assistance to clients in Portsmouth who need to find accommodations, book flights or hire catering services. If you're planning anything that needs these types of services, just talk to us and we'll see how we can assist.

Our prices are also very fair and in some cases, you'll realise that we are a lot cheaper than other alternatives in the city of Portsmouth. We believe in giving our customers top value at an economical price and we also offer services at different price points so you can always pick something that works for you.

Our minibuses are fitted with a variety of upgrades just to make them that much more suitable for travel. We have tracking devices which we believe are always important because we may need to know where our clients are in case of an emergency.

You can make a booking for our minibuses today either by making a phone call, sending us an email or contacting us through our website. We have round-the-clock customer service waiting to assist you with bookings, enquiries and even suggestions so give us a call today.