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25 seater and 26 seaters Coach Hire

25 seater and 26 seaters Coach Hire

A Special Coach for all Occasions While a minibus may work for relatively small groups, there will come a point where only the extra space provided in 25 seater and 26 seater coach hire will be able to handle the size of your group. Even in such a situation we still have you covered here at Coach Hire Portsmouth. Thanks to the size of our fleet and our wide range of vehicles, whether you're planning a trip for the extended family or a retreat for the whole office, we are sure to have something suitable for you at all times. And as always we find lots of ways to make the trip special.

Our current fleet of coaches are the result of years of experience and research into what customers want. You will know you're in for a unique experience the moment you set foot inside our vehicles and even the design of the exterior is something to behold. The temperature inside the coaches is maintained at a comfort level thanks to our sensitive air-conditioning systems. Be sure to book the 25 seater and 26 seater coach hire at least one day before the trip to avoid disappointment.

Customer Focused Support

At Coach Hire Portsmouth we believe that providing reliable customers services is the hallmark of a good company. For many years our customer service has attended promptly to customer requests and complaints, helping us to establish long and fruitful relationships with our customers. Despite our best efforts, it's not completely unheard of for our customers to run into some unforeseen problem be it mechanical or logistical. In such situations, it is our intention to make sure that the customers always have a way that they can reach us. Our customer support service can be reached via phone, email or through our website and they are available 24/7. Our customer service can also help if you wish to make a booking for a 25 seater and 26 seater coach hire service.

Plenty of Space

If you've had to leave something behind before going on a trip then you don't need us to tell you how inconvenient this is. Lack of storage space for luggage is a common story in many coach hire companies but not Coach Hire Portsmouth. Luggage space is always on our minds when we design our coaches so you never have to leave anything when going on your trip. We don't charge you extra for the storage space so it's a very good deal.

Safety comes First

We only believe in transporting our customers under safe conditions here at Coach Hire Portsmouth. This is why you'll encounter many safety features when you're using our hire services. We get our vehicles from manufacturers who have a history of producing reliable and safe vehicles. Additionally, the seats, body and other parts of the vehicle are designed to provide a safe environment in case of an accident. There are airbags available in the vehicles too as an added measure of safety. Lastly, there are also systems that monitor the vehicle and alert us if anything is wrong.

We also hire very competent drivers for our vehicle fleet because even the safest car wouldn't matter if the driver isn't competent. Thanks to their experience, our drivers also know how best to act in the event of an emergency. Book a coach by contacting us today.