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53-Seater Coach Hire

When a group of 50 or more is looking to you to make the transport arrangements you'll be facing a significant challenge. Finding a single vehicle that can handle that many people is your first challenge. Your second challenge is that if the vehicle you choose offers little comfort, you will have more than a few disappointed travellers on your hands. Additionally, if any of the people in the group have special needs, you have to see that these will be taken care of. Another challenge is that unless the transportation option you choose is cheaper than the alternatives, there will be no reason to go for it.

Never without space

The Challenge with having more than 50 people in a single vehicle is in the simple fact that you have a lot of people in a single vehicle and in many cases, this will mean there'll be very little space for every individual. Of course, we are not most cases here at Coach Hire Portsmouth. Because we put a lot of thought into the design of our vehicles we are able to ensure that there's enough space in our vehicles for the passengers and their luggage. Features that are incorporate in our designs include:

  • A strong Chassis that can support the weight of passengers plus luggage
  • A body with lots of room so passengers don't feel cramped
  • Lots of space for luggage
  • Optimal spacing of seats to provide enough leg room
With the aid of these design features, our 53 seat Coach Hire has become quite popular with our customers since it offers the best of everything even with the much large group size.

Interior built for comfort

As important as space is, it's not the only aspect of comfort that we have in our coaches at Coach Hire Portsmouth. Our coaches come with various upgrades that make the whole trip experience a lot more comfortable. Air conditioning is always important to our passengers. It can get quite cold if your trip is in winter and likewise, it can also be unbearable hot during summer. In such situations, the air conditioning will feel almost like a lifesaver. Luxurious materials such as leather are used for the upholstery in the coaches and the result is more than just a classy look.

From special lighting to state-of-the-art music systems, there are many entertainment systems that you can have in the coach you choose and if there's something you'd like added, it can still be fitted into the coach if you get in touch with us early enough.

Travel in Class

Whether you're travelling as one person or a group, you should always maintain certain levels of class and comfort. This is what our 53 Seat Coach Hire Service is all about here at Coach Hire Portsmouth. Call us today to make your booking.