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57 Seat Portsmouth Coach Hire

57 Seat Portsmouth Coach Hire

The 57 seat coach is the largest in our fleet of vehicles and it's the ultimate solution for people travelling in a group. This vehicles are not just designed to hold a lot of passengers, their size allows them to come equipped with a lot of extras, allowing you to travel to your destination in unimaginable comfort. The costs involved in organizing transportation for a group of more than 50 people and the subsequent challenge in coordinating the movements of the people in the group make our 57 Seat Coach Hire a solution that's almost ideal.

For such a large group, public transport is almost obviously not the way to go. With public transport there is little guarantee that you'll get to where you need to be on time and it may just be cheaper to actually hire a coach that everyone will fit in. This is why at Coach Hire Portsmouth, we have our large coaches for just such occasions. Because we care a lot about our customers' experience, you're sure that we will be on time for the pick-ups. However, we do more than just get there in time, we also get there in style and comfort.

Comfort and style are an important part of our coach travelling experience especially when our clients are going on a very long trip. Nothing spoils a good trip than having to endure hours of sitting on hard or lumpy seats especially when the terrain is particularly rough. This is why each of our vehicles guarantee at least a certain level of comfortable seating. The amount of space available is one of the main advantages of our 57 seat coach hire. With a coach of this size, even luggage of an unusual length that wouldn't fit in other coaches will find a place. There's also plenty of space for the passengers to move about when they're not enjoying the luxury of their seats.

Ensuring a Safe Journey

Coach Hire Portsmouth goes to great lengths to ensure that the clients are as safe as possible when they're in our care. We prepare for many eventualities even during the short trips because you never know when something may go wrong despite your best efforts. Our first step in ensuring our clients are safe is to keep our vehicles in excellent mechanical shape. The coaches are assessed at the end of every trip. In case anything is detected, the coach will not be allowed to go on another trip until the issue is dealt with. Our experts use modern diagnostic equipment and their expertise to ensure that no issue goes unchecked.

There's also the possibility of something going wrong during the trip which has nothing to do with the state of our coach. In case of such incidents, our vehicles are fitted with excellent seatbelt systems in addition to airbags to minimize the danger during such incidents. Tracking systems let us know where the coach is at any time. This means that if anything is to go wrong, we'll be able to locate you as quickly as possible. With our 57 Seat Coach Hire, there are many reasons to choose our company.

Coach Hire Portsmouth is a company with a long history of providing coach hire services in the Portsmouth area and for years, we have received stellar reviews from customers whose expectations we exceeded. Get in touch with us today and we'll see about helping you and your group get to where you're going.